• Portrait of Teddy

    My older son Teddy finally let me his portrait.  “Teddy” is my dad’s incredibly late Christmas present. Even though it is only 14" x 16", it took longer than I had hoped.  Teddy is different than most 4 year olds, he has autism with hyperlexia, precocious reading abilities.  Along with words and letters, he loves drawing.  Also, he doesn't particularly like being alone.  He usually wants me around even if it's just sitting next to him while he is in his own world.  Normally when I paint I can get him to do something else, at least for a couple hours.  However, He loves it when I paint people.  He hovers around trying to sneak a brush and dab it in the paint when i'm not looking.  He gets bossy too.  His bossiness earned him the nickname “Pope Julius” - the pope that was always telling Michelangelo what to do on the Sistine chapel. My “Little Pope Julius” was always demanding “more red” and “I want R” (the hyperlexia coming out). He even sneaked the blue from me and wrote “R” on his portrait’s mouth when I was looking the other way.  Thankfully most of the under layer was dry enough.  Some pulled off with the mineral spirits, but not too much.  Stay calm and carry on!  LOL

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