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I have always drawn as far back as I can remember.

A tulsa native, I graduated from Booker T. Washington in 1995.  From there I attended The University of Tulsa where I attained a Bachelor’s of Fine Art (emphasis on painting under Glen Godsey and Ceramics under Tom Manhart) with an Art History minor, a Bachelor’s in Education with an emphasis in art and a Bachelor’s of Psychology, where I had a preference for research.  For my bachelor's Psychology I worked for Dr. Rudy in his psychophysiology lab.  Much later I went back to school and got a Bachelor's of Mathematics and dabbled with physics taking many Physics classes.  I quit to have children and hope to go back and get a master's someday.

After graduating from the University of Tulsa in 2000, I started working at Philbrook in the Preparator’s shop hanging the art shows. It was wonderful to get to see art up close and personal. An artist can learn a lot about technique just by examining master works.

From there, I worked under Janet Fadler Davie, a prominent muralist and faux finish painter in Tulsa, for 8 years. It was a cross between semi-apprenticeship and semi- subcontractor. I was more behind the scenes.  I helped her on many murals and finishes as well as did a great deal of faux finishes on my own, with her as the middle man between me and the clients.  During this time, I painted clouds on ceilings, painted a faux tile floor with moss in the grout for Julie Nickel, painted thousands of faux finished switch plates and vent covers, I distressed furniture, faux finished counter tops for clients of Charles Faudree and many different builders around town. Techinically, if you count everything I painted under Janet Fadler Davie, you could say that 99% of my art is in a private collection.  Currently, I am only painting from home since now I am a mother of exuberant toddlers. If you are interested in any finishes, she is still doing them and you can contact her at:


 She'll do an amazing job!

However, painting in houses full time pushed my own art to the side, like the cobbler's son has no shoes.  Finally, in the wee hours of the night, crammed in during their kids' movie time or during the kids' play outside in the dirt time, I am building my own portfolio and painting what I want.  Some have already sold even thouugh I don't have a gallery representation yet.  It's been really flattering to have my painting so well received. 

So having said that, the list of actual shows is sparce, but I'm quickly remedying that.  I’ve had two shows at The Tulsa Artist Coaltion. One was a solo show and the other was a joint show with Janet Davie. I frequently donate to their 5x5 and the last two years I have had a piece in their membership show during the fall. I had a piece in the Gussman show as an undergrad at T.U. Also, I had a piece in the Seven State Biennial at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma in Chickasha.


I am going to be one of the many artists that tell you how wonderful light is.  I'm reluctant to join in because I feel i'm so reduntant.  

But, here it goes

I am in love it.  It goes without saying that light is a major window into the world and universe around us.  How our eye picks up a limited range of the spectrum that light has to offer is sad.  I wish I could see all of it.  

i'll finish later

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