Emily Main

Hi!  I love challenges and problem solving.  I enjoy the struggle of a challenge, trying to figure out how to solve it and the feeling of overcoming the challenge at the very end.  Through my life i have always alternated between art and science/math.  This is why I have too many bachelor's degrees.  From the University of Tulsa I have a bachelor's of fine arts, arts education, psychology.  From Oklahoma State University I have bachelors of mathematics.  At OSU, I also took some physics classes and got the opportunity to work in

                    lab for a summer.

    My love of art and physics overlaps in light and it's behavior.     

For 9 years I subcontracted for Janet Fadler Davie in the maple ridge, surrounding midtown areas and in new construction homes in south Tulsa and Bixby.  The type of painting I did for her primarily were faux finishes, assisting her with murals and refinishing furnituure. I am currently focusing on my own oil painting and not working in homes any more since I am now the proud mother of 2 toddlers that keep my on my toes. 

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